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To enable the silo to be removed from site quickly and to prevent any unwanted delays with the silo remaining on site longer than required, it is imperative that the silo legs and the silo base are kept clean and free from obstruction, and that all accidental mortar spillages around the silo area are cleaned up immediately before any spilt mortar has time to set.

If accidental spillages are allowed to accrue, it could mean that the silo truck would be unable to lift the silo from the base and this would incur a charge being levied by Remix.

Therefore please ensure that a policy of good housekeeping is in force around the silo base area.

Please note that the silo truck will be unable to remove any silo from site that contains more than 12 tonnes of material (34 tubs). Please help us to help you by making sure that if a surplus of material is left in the silo at the end of the contract, no more than 12 tonnes (34 tubs) is left in the silo prior to the silo truck attending to facilitate removal.

Customers will need to complete the Silo Collection Request Form to ensure the removal of silos from site at the appropriate time.

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Removal of the Silo from site

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