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Benefits of Dry Silo Mortar

Supply of Dry Silo Mortar

Constituent mortar materials, which have been kiln dried, are blended at the plant to meet individual customer mix requirements and transported to site in silos. Once the silos are connected to site power and water supplies, quality-controlled material is available in the required amounts to the correct workability from the silos built-in mixer unit. Once stock becomes depleted, there is no need to remove the silo from site, it is simply recharged by bulk powder tanker to ensure continuity of production. Each silo is capable of producing six cubic metres of mortar per hour.

Remix are also able to supply customers with their own range of 250lt fork liftable and crane liftable tubs which are robust, durable, hard wearing, long lasting and competitively priced.

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The benefits of the dry silo mortar system, over other methods of providing mortar to site, are numerous. They include:

  • • Mortar containing a guaranteed cement content
  • • Controlled air and workability aid contents, contained within guaranteed mix proportions
  • • A durable mortar is less susceptible to frost attack
  • • Superior resistance to rain penetration
  • • Accurate and controlled pigment addition, resulting in superior colour consistency for coloured mortar applications
  • • No need to use retarders, as the material only needs to be produced from the silo when it is required
  • • As much or as little can be produced from the silo as required, from a bucketful to a tubful, meaning wastage is kept to a minimum
  • • Workability of the mortar can be adjusted to meet any on site masonry application, resulting in increased productivity
  • • Dry material for mixing is always available from the silo whenever required – eliminating downtime and increasing productivity
  • • Only a relatively small area on site is needed for the silo, meaning space is effectively utilised
  • • Mortar being produced at the press of a button means labour intensity and health and safety concerns are reduced
  • • Material stored in the silo is not exposed to the elements, therefore retaining its integrity, reducing wastage and removing the chance of opportunist theft
  • • Large quantities of mortar are delivered via bulk powder tanker, which reduces on site traffic movements significantly
  • • Silo provision means that site presentation is considerably improved
  • • The noise produced by the silo mixer unit is minimal, particularly advantageous where sites are located close to schools, hospitals and existing residential areas, for example
    • All of the above represent the opportunity to enhance business opportunities through potential cost saving benefits